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Why choose Axicon?

Why choose an Axicon verifier?

Axicon has been designing and developing barcode verifiers since the late 1980s, and has developed verifiers intended for general use in artwork departments, print rooms or on the shop floor. Axicon was the first company to use LEDs (used to illuminate the barcode) with CCD-based sensors to receive the image before it is analysed.


Each verifier is designed to reduce the affect of ambient light on the accuracy of the readings, and will not damage the barcode being verified.  The positions of the LEDs and the CCD-based sensor are fixed to make sure that the correct angle of illumination is used, and this is one reason why the verifiers produce consistent and repeatable accurate results.


The international ISO/IEC standards for barcode print quality and barcode verifiers stipulate how each size of barcode should be assessed, and Axicon verifiers automatically adjust the sampling area (referred to by different aperture reference numbers) required to do this.


The software


The results of each verification are analysed and displayed very clearly, and the Axicon software is continually developed to make using the verifiers as simple and as helpful as possible.  Very detailed information is available from each scan for experienced users, and much simpler pass or fail options can be provided for those who only want to know if each symbol is good enough.   The verifiers can provide results using the 4-0 scale defined by the ISO/IEC standards, but if you prefer to use the A-D, and F for fail scale used by the equivalent ANSI standard this is also possible.


Every scan file from each verification can be saved in a special Axicon format that can be read by anyone who downloads the free software from the Axicon website, or they can be saved in a text format.  The .scn files from Axicon offer more ways of analysing the data, and these can easily be sent by e-mail for remote diagnostics.  The Axicon software is also available in 15 languages.


Data analysis


The data content of each barcode can also be analysed by optional plugins that are added to the software.  These can check, for example, that the data is valid for a particular application and  formatted correctly.  This analysis can also be linked to your product database to check that a valid product number is being encoded, and that any dates are accurate.




Any verifier must be calibrated regularly to ensure it is working correctly, and all calibration records are automatically logged.  The software will prompt users to recalibrate after a certain period, and it is possible to prevent uncalibrated equipment from being used.


Servicing and repairs


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AXICON AUTO ID 是条码验证的世界领先者。自从1989年起,我公司已经开发和制造了属于自己的一系列条码检测仪。AXICON检测仪用于检测1维条码和Matrix条码的质量和 所有不同类型的产品包装条码。




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